A downloadable novelty for Windows

SuperCRT is a small Windows app that samples a region of the screen and draws it to another window using the CRT simulation from Super Win the Game.

Hit Esc while focused on the sim window to customize the CRT settings.

Edit the included SuperCRT.ini config file to adjust the dimensions of the source window. Note that the simulated CRT artifacts will be less intense at higher resolutions.

Curious how it works? Check out this blog I wrote for Gamasutra: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/KylePittman/20150420/241442/CRT_Simulation_in_Super_Win_the_Game.php

CC0-1.0-licensed source is now available as a download below and also on GitHub: https://github.com/MinorKeyGames/CRTSim

AuthorJ. Kyle Pittman
Tagscrt, novelty, Retro


supercrt-windows-2020-08-24.zip 1 MB
CRTSimSource.zip 93 kB


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This is great!


I noticed this got updated, and I don't remember having the option to set custom resolution before.
I'm very happy to see the little tool being updated, as I'm kind of obsessed with using it as of late :D

Find a way to do the whole screen and I'll pay!


any update on this? Really the only feature missing there is ability to change resolution of the input window


I would pay to be able to run the whole screen at once with this, tbh.

(2 edits) (+1)

Awesome! I would also love to see this extended with some more options, and the ability to turn the entire screen into one big crt (and for what it's worth, I would definitely pay for that functionality).


GNU/Linux? •ﻌ•


That's quite nice indeed. Would be really cool to get the whole screen filtered and maybe even a menu to tinker with the settings (like you get with SWTG, GA ...).


That would be super nice!