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i went back and played YHtWtG... that last room's caption... this was all planned from the start! Kyle, you rascal!

got to read House of Leaves after playing this game:))

I like the actual exploration and gathering of abilities, very Metroidvania like. The horror aspects and the narrator wasn't really up my alley but that's just a matter of taste I guess.

Your screenshots do look awesome in levels, graphics and design. Personally I prefer the "straight surface" ones with approx. 4 walls than too many borders inside those rooms (the ones that don't look like placed minecraft-tiles in that case).

Really curious if there's a secret or anything in the end of this? Got a tuber and found pink text talking about burying things...

I thought it became free guess it isnt



I got lost for at least 15 minutes lol


This was really weird. I quite like the art, although I got pretty motion sick after a while (which doesn't normally happen to me). I got stuck wandering around for a long time before I found the ending, and I don't really feel like I understood it, so I'm a little bit dissapointed I guess, but I don't regret playing it. I just wish more of the mysteries got paid off. I feel like some aspect of this probably went over my head.


This was... interesting :) I can't say I understood what was going on, but I enjoyed the exploration and the strangeness of it. 45 minutes sounds about right, and quite enjoyable 45 minutes, too.

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This was a fun experience. Great background, mood setting music. Great Metroid-style exploration of the area. Interesting behind the scenes stuff with the Guide.  Took me a solid 30-45m to complete it.


I'm having trouble with this game on both Mac (Mac OS 10.11 on a Macbook Pro from 2011, AMD Radeon 6750M) and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 on a somewhat older Dell 6400 with NVidia Quadro NVS 160M). Both machines run Eldritch just fine, but with this game the display comes up garbled. It makes no difference whether I start it in windowed or fullscreen mode. The game is rendered behind(!) the visual garbage (it can be seen through the garbage sometimes, depending on the garbage...), it looks like there is a framebuffer overlayed onto the game which is not initialized or something like this.  If I can provide more info, just ask ahead.


Thanks for the report. I've seen a few complaints about this issue on Mac and Linux, and I suspect it is an uninitialized buffer as you said. Unfortunately I'll be away from my dev machines for the next few days, but I'll take a look at this as soon as I'm able.

Small update here: I've been able to repro this on a non-dev machine and can confirm it's related to garbage data in a render target texture. A short-term workaround is to open the console and enter "set motionblurintensity 0". I'll continue investigating a proper fix as I'm able.


some sort of The Stanley Parable?